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Divine Light Emerging Intuitive Meditation Group

Want & need a little group meditation a couple times a month but don't want to commit to group support or 1:1 coaching?
We've got your back!  Welcome to Divine Light Meditation. 
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The Divine Light Meditation Group is a lite way to find the support you want and need without committing to a monthly support group or 1:1 coaching. This is a way for you to get to know me & my energy and for me to get to know you & yours. Sometimes folks will want or need more support than just a guided meditation, and when you're ready you can check out our Divine Light Emergining Intuitive Support Group (monthly) and 1:1 spiritual growth coaching with me


The meditation group happens twice a month on the NEW and FULL moons during one of the three nights of each moon phase.  The schedule for the month is e-mailed to the group ahead of time and posted in the Facebook group area.  Access to the recording / downloadable MP3 is posted after in the private group area of the website. 


Group Meditation Format

These sessions last ~45 minutes and generally follow this outline:

  1. I'll talk about something for the first 15-20 min

  2. We'll do a guided meditation for the final 25-30 min


Group meditations are conducted via phone and webcast and are recorded so that members who couldn't make the live session can download the MP3 and listen to it later.  So you'll never miss a meditation!


Sacred Space Held by the Circle of Light

During our sessions, I ensure that we are always safe and protected no matter how far the distance between us. I hold the scared space for you so that you can find the peace and joy you need. This sacred space is blessed and purified before the sessions start, and I don't only call in all my helpers, healers, angels, ascended masters and higher selves, I also call in all of yours. :) 


What all do I get with the meditation group? 

  • Twice monthly LIVE Divine Light meditations --- during the NEW & FULL moons 

  • Guided meditations are tailored to what's going on in the world energetically at the time of the meditation to help you better navigate your daily life. 

  • Downloadable MP3 recordings of every meditation

  • Discount off selected courses as they are available (MP3 audios)

  • Priority consideration for the Divine Light Support  and Divine Light Spiritual Coaching 


Sounds great, doesn't it? You can have all of this for just $27 a month and your price won't go up as long as you're a member  OR you can pay in full for a year and pay only $222 instead of the full price of $324. That's a savings of  $102!  Just select your option in the shop page.





So what are you waiting for?  Let's work together!

That's less than $10 per guided meditation.


Hugs & Blessings,

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