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Interviews & Group Talks 

Melodie is available for podcasts, group talks, and interviews. She spent a year as a regular guest on talk radio in 2003/4 and is comfortable talking to and taking questions from an audience. Just contact her with your information and the request. 




My interview with Michelle from December 2016. We cover a LOT of "woo woo" so get a cup of something and spend the hour with us. :)  It's available on YouTube (audio only) and iTunes. Before we close the interview, I channel a special message for everyone listening.












Michelle's description of the show: 

"This show is kindov like letting the cat out of the Facroty - not the bag..... Join us as Melodie walks us into the "Living in the Quantum Field of Abundance," explaining the difference between Abundance and Prosperity as well as answering a great deal of questions you may have about spirituality and where our world is at right now under that broad umbrella. Come and join us for a lot of WooWoo, insight, and inspiration."  ~ Michelle Reinhardt 

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