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Since we're re-vamping our website, contact Dr. Mel via email for now.  

Spiritual Healing & Coaching   

Over the most of this lifetime as a spiritual seeker and helping others on their path for the last 20+ years of that journey, I've concentrated on the many similarities and hidden truths that are found in the worlds many religions and spiritual beliefs. Some refer to that as the "golden thread of truth."   

What is Spiritual Healing & Coaching 
Coaching is a partnering with clients to help them achieve their goals and maximize their potential. Spiritual Healing & Coaching focuses on the the spiritual aspects of healing old wounds, releasing the energy around those old hurts so that repeating patterns can be broken and that our inner Light - that spark of the Divine inside each & everyone of us - is more fully expressed. The idea is to embody our own Divine / Higher Selves as much as possible on this physical plane. That brings us more fully into alignment with Light and the Divine.


Dr. Mel has several tools in her tool chest to help with that coaching and she uses whatever is just right and perfect for you and in alignment with your own Divine Self's soul lessons.  For more on her background, see her bio page.  

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