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Free Gift! Emerging Lightworker's Spiritual First Aid Kit


Have you  . . .

  • ever been awakened by voices or someone touching you only to find that no one is there?  

  • ever had this experience in a hotel or motel room? 

  • felt icky after being around a lot of people (think of days spent traveling in airports, on planes, in taxi cabs, and hotels) and not been able to get rid of everyone elses's "stuff"? 


Are you . . .

  • a little freaked out when awakened in the middle of the night and you really just want a safe, protected place to sleep securely?  

  • apprehensive about traveling and staying in hotels and motels because of picking up the heavy energies from crowds in planes, airports, and hotels? 


What if . . .

  • you could have a way to ensure that you were not awakened by voices or strange touches in the middle of the night again?   

  • you could clear that hotel or motel room before sleeping in it? 

  • you could easily clear your own energy field and body of the energies you've picked up while traveling or while in crowded areas, even concerts and sports events? 


My free gift to you, a 27-page e-book covering basic shielding, clearing, and calling in the archangels for assistance.  (Remember they can't help until you ask because of Free Will.)


No strings attached. Just enter your name and e-mail in the form below, then you’ll receive a link to the download page your e-mail. 









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