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Rev. Dr. Melodi Hawkins

rev. dr.
melodie hawkins

and associates ;) 

Phoenix (above) and Flutter (below). Afghan Hounds (rescues). She's his grandmother.

What are your qualifications for this work in addition to your own spiritual growth and life experiences?  

Dr. Mel's been a healer, hypnotherapist, and minister for over 20 years. She's a natural empath, sensitive, and intuitive. She's also an old soul, writer & editor. She "woke up" in the mid 90s and turned her safe, suburban life upside down to start off on her own healing journey. That was three spouses, many day jobs, and several states ago. For her, life is all about the journey and not the destination.    

Along that path she's added quite a little list of degrees, certifications, and trainings.  In fact, by looking at this list you could say she's been practicing "energy & transpersonal psychotherapy" since before it was cool. :) 

  • Doctorate of Divinity

  • Certifications include:

    • NLP - NeuroLinguistic Programming

    • CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    • Hypnotherapy, Hypnotism, Forensic Hypnotism 

    • EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

    • Past Life Reader

    • Medium

    • Angel Reader

    • Karuna Healing Master Teacher

    • Usui Reiki Master Teacher

    • Integrated Energy Therapy Advanced Practitioner - a form of cellular memory release

    • Reconnection energy healing 

  • Training and certs in various hypnotherapy areas, including diabetes, smoking cessation, transpersonal hypnotherapy, transformational hypnotherapy & advanced counseling techniques (Gestalt, parts therapy). 

  • Ordained Esoteric Interfaith Minister 

  • Registered with the state of Colorado as a psychotherapist since 2003.
         Colorado is one of the few states that closely regulates its hypnotists / hypnotherapists.   

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology (ecology concentration) and a minor in Chemistry.   

  • In fact, by looking at this list you could say I’ve been practicing "energy psychotherapy" and "transpersonal psychotherapy" since before it was cool. :) 

  • Woke Up! mid 90s

  • Herbs, stone lore, natural folk medicine & remedies,  folk magick, and common sense since birth.  


I started learning about natural and folk remedies at my mother's knee, my grandfather (mom's dad) collected and sold wild ginseng root, and both sides of the family have very deep, rural roots in America on both sides of the family back to 1600s upstate New York (mom's side) and colonial Virginia (dad's). There are revolutionary war vets on each side --- two on each side! So you might say my rebellious dislike of established authority is not only ingrained but genetic. ;)  

Melodie's story  and path  


I’m an old soul and sensitive, a writer and editor, hold a Doctorate of Divinity and ordination as an Esoteric Interfaith Minister. I’m also a hypnotherapist, energy healing master teacher, and author. I’ve been a healer, hypnotherapist, and minister since 2003; awake and on my own spiritual journey since the mid-90s.  


I’ve “escaped” baptism by several organized religions, including 7th Day Adventists, Baptists, Methodists, and Catholics. I’ve always had an issue with “original sin” and Eve being the origin of sin. It just never resonated or rang true to me. I actually prefer the Lilith image of the Divine Feminine — and for those who have not heard of her, here is the nutshell version:

 Lilith was Adam’s first wife. God made her as he made Adam --- from the dust of the ground and breathed life into her. She was an equal of Adam in all ways. But because she refused to lie beneath him and hold her tongue and defer to him, Adam was not happy with her and they fought continually. Adam kept insisting she be subservient to him, but she would not. It became so unbearable for Lilith that she sprouted wings and flew away. After Lilith left is when God made Eve out of Adam’s rib so she would be subservient to Adam.  

My path seems to have turned the spiral (the big spiral) a few times with a new trauma to deal with and grow from. Each was harder than the one before, and each the hardest thing I had ever had to do in my life up to that point in my life.


First Turn of the Spiral

The first turn of the spiral found me turning my suburban life upside down and leaving my first marriage of over 15 years to start my journey and do my soul’s work. Interestingly enough, I had some major blocks cleared in May of 2015 and one that I didn't expect was related to this first turn in the spiral. The exceptional healer forced me to allow myself to still love this ex without having to act on it and the healer verified that we were indeed soul mates and that my ex still didn't understand why I left. Yes, he's still asleep although part of him on a higher level now gets that my leaving was for the soul mission.


Second Turn of the Spiral

The second turn of the spiral took me from a stable marriage to emotionally abusive live-in relationship where I was totally isolated from friends and family. I often call this my "red year" because I dyed my hair every possible shade of red and I had a red Harley. This was a year of extremes in most ways imaginable. This was also a relationship that was burning a karmic tie. Later, in my first past life regression, I would recognize his soul in an earlier time and earlier marriage, when marriages weren't done for love but to shore up family fortunes and land. In that life, he had died early, falling from a horse.  


Third Turn of the Spiral

The third turn of the spiral found me dealing with the death of my second husband not long after we found each other again. Within 6 months of his death, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. That was the catalyst that set me off on my healing journey.


There was not enough time for med school, so I went the healing energy route instead. Usui Reiki levels I and II were quickly learned before I visited home so I could treat mom. My mentor even gave me a second attunement to make it stronger right before my flight out. I continued Reiki through the Master Teacher level. Karuna Healing (Reiki) followed also through Master Teacher level. Then came a Reconnection and my hands were activated for that, and then I found a local IET - Integrated Energy Therapy teacher and I did three levels of that, through Advanced Practitioner. IET works with angels and cellular release.  


Also during this time, I had found a hypnotherapist and had my first past life regression performed. I had dabbled in self hypnosis and meditation for years and had always been fascinated by past lives and reincarnation ever since reading the book and watching the movie Audrey Rose which had come out in the 70s. Based on a real life incident, it's a classic. I'd also been fascinated by hypnosis since I was a kid probably because of all the horror films I watched. Classic horror films (Hammer Films) and even sci fi often have someone running around doing "mind control" with some sort of hypnosis. Think Dracula and vampire movies.  Hypnosis has also been used to not just alleviate but cure cancer (the causes are multi-pronged, but there are also energy and emotional components involved). There's a whole entire other discussion that could go on about that, but this isn't the place for it. Suffice it to say that hypnotists who have specialized in that area burn out quickly because it is exhausting work both physically and emotionally. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy work or any kind is very intense work and when terminal illness is involved the intenseness reaches a whole other level with the family involved. 


I also got my first ordination and added a few more credentials during this time from the Universal Life Church. These include Soul Therapist and Doctor of Metaphysics. ;)


Mom's cancer went in and out of remission after surgery first then chemo when it returned. At least she lived closed to a regional medical center where cancer treatment was one of their specialties. One of the unexpected things that came from me starting down a healing path and talking to mom about it is that she was very happy I was persuing all the "woo woo." It gave her the opportunity to open up about her own woo woo experiences and sensitivities and that is when I learned I was a 4th generation sensitive. If only someone had said something sooner! <sad laugh>  This is also when I learned that I was not the only one to have night terrors in the family. That also went back 4 generations with the sensitives. If you work with me and we need to discuss what's that all about we will. For now, let's just say that energetic experiments on the sensitive in each generation were performed. 


Once I had all those certs and credentials under my belt and knew how to handle clients, it was time to open a private practice, which I did in the healing center where I had done much of my energy healing training. And that started the next turn of the spiral... 


Fourth Turn of the Spiral

I met my third husband the very day I opened my hypnotherapy practice. The first day. Within 6 weeks we were married. By 8 weeks he had quit his job. 


Months later when an astrologer friend did our charts at my request and went through them with us, we found that each others Chrion (wounded healer) was on the other's Venus (love). We had some major karma to balance, and before this entire trauma drama episode was finished, I would even get him to say that we were even for whatever god-awful thing I had done to him in whatever life time. Not once but twice.  Karmic relationships are very intense:  the attraction is immediate & it's major chemistry. It's fire. A bonfire. And then it burns out just as quickly when the karma is gone. 


This major karmic relationship cost me dearly, and took me more than 10 years to recover from. He was arrested, I had to close my hypnotherapy practice, and it put me through a bankruptcy. Of course I divorced his ass and since he'd left me with not even enough money for gas for the week (I was working for others again and doing the daily commute again) I had to represent myself to do it because I couldn't afford an attorney. It was bad but at least Colorado is set up to help women who need to go through a divorce like that.


During that week he was arrested, he'd emptied my bank account (I was by this time working a full time job and running my hypnotherapy practice full time as well and I'd done that for several months) and left me scrambling to find gas money to get to work. It was bad.


Also during that time of the third spouse, my mother died after fighting cancer for two and half years. I will always believe the third’s shenanigans just pushed her over the edge and her final message to me, which I had to find her spirit and connect with her to get that message, was to fight him, which I did.


He may very well have been my "twin flame" who had called to me psychically years before we actually met. The call that actually came as I was waking up and starting out on my journey.  Anyway, he was arrested, I have to close the practice and go back to work for someone else, file a bankruptcy, and my mom died all in the same year.

I did financial acrobatics to keep my house and car and ate a lot of Ramen noodles again. It's not just for college kids! ;)  Talk about stressors! For the next year after, it was all  I could do just to get out of bed and drag myself to work and back every day and take care of the dogs. 


To be fair, there were two good things that came from the last ex. One was that he managed to plug me into a local AM talk radio station as a sponsor. I did the overnight slot w/ the talk radio host about once a month and it was a great experience. I even did the first on-air live regression for Denver radio in 2003/4!  I did enjoy that and talking with the callers and answering questions. A related experience came when I did several CDs covering the big three for hypnotherapists: stress reduction, weight management, and stop smoking. That was more audio experience with a sound engineer in studio that I really enjoyed and that was priceless.  And there were some major spiritual lessons as well.  



Needless to say, I’m done with marriages now. But some of the hardest relationship lessons have come from them, including how to forgive a person and disconnect from them energetically without condoning the behavior. Another priceless lesson was that psychic does not necessarily mean spiritual. There are some who use those gifts to manipulate people. Oh, there were many others along the way as well. Let's just say you won't hear about them unless you find yourself in a similar place while we're working together. 


Like many empaths and sensitives, I’m solitary by nature and have issues around crowds of people. Small groups I'm good with but more than 10 and I start getting uncomfortable. I prefer the wide open spaces and a wider people dispersion, so I make my home in Colorado with several rescue dogs and critters, all of whom are my “assistants” and enjoy regular energy healing treatments. I also have many visits from foxes, stray cats, stray & escaped dogs, raccoons, and the occasional skunk!  They all know this is a "safe" place and that I tolerate no acting out while they're here. :)  

Hugs & Blessings,

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