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Free Gift! Releasing Vows of Poverty, Silence & Obedience -  Meditation MP3 (binaural)


Do you  . . .

  • have difficulties with money & prosperity? 

  • bite your tongue often and keep your truth to yourself?

  • have a hard time saying  "NO"? 

  • identify as an Ancient or Old Soul? 


Are you . . .

  • feeling like you'll never be able to get ahead or out of debt and that you're barely keeping your head above water financially? 

  • feeling like something is keeping you from speaking your truth? 

  • feeling like you don't have the right to say NO to any request made of you, no matter how little time you may have available or how outrageous the request?  


What if . . .

  • you could listen to a guided meditation specifically for helping you clear the way for prosperity in your life?

  • that meditation could also help you speak your mind?

  • that meditatio could also help you say 'NO' when needed?  

  • the meditation was binaural to ensure that you reached a deep theta state of meditation? 


My free gift to you, a 30 minute MP3 of original binaural meditation music, Releasing Vows of Poverty, Silence & Obedience Meditation, that induces theta waves can do that and more. Theta brain waves are indicative of the deepest state of meditation. This deep state easily connects you to the highest energies.


Especially for those who identify as Ancient & Old Souls, this meditation helps to release vows of poverty, silence & obedience from past  other lives that you may still be carrying in your energy field and subconscious mind. These vows can cause self-sabotaging behavior if not properly and fully released. This meditation is especially helpful for those who have had past lives as nuns, monks, and priests. 


No strings attached. Just enter your name and e-mail in the form below, then you’ll receive a link to the download page in your e-mail. And please, DO NOT listen to this MP3 while driving! Theta waves induce a very deep meditative state. 









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