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Free Gift! Violet Flame Meditation MP3 (binaural)


Do you  . . .

  • have trouble meditating to music only? 

  • have difficulty connecting to the higher energies?

  • have problems releasing past situations, people, and lessons?


Are you . . .

  • wanting to experience a Violet Flame meditation that maybe you've heard about but not experienced first hand?  

  • wanting a guided meditation for that Violet Flame experience?


What if . . .

  • you could listen to a guided meditation specifically for invoking the Violet Flame for both you and Mother Earth?  

  • it was binaural to ensure that you reached a deep theta state of meditation? 

  • you could easily release those people, situations, and past issues that energetically seem to keep hanging on to you? 


My free gift to you, a 30 minute MP3 of original binaural meditation music, Violet Flame Meditation, that induces theta waves can do that and more. Theta brain waves are indicative of the deepest state of meditation. This deep state easily connects you to the highest energies. 


No strings attached. Just enter your name and e-mail in the form below, then you’ll receive a link to the download page in your e-mail. And please, DO NOT listen to this MP3 while driving! Theta waves induce a very deep meditative state. 









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