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Divine Light Ascension Coaching is a unique blend of my spiritual skill set (gifts, talents, and skills) developed and perfected over the years since first awakening, as well as many coaching, counseling, and healing techniques learned over the years. My techniques ensure that we find the best way for you establish and develop a strong connection to your own Divine Nature, including your own intuition and your own Divine Selves, angels, ascended masters, light beings, and guides. Our work together empowers you to eventually become your own coach, intuitive, reader, and healer. The best coaches, like the best editors and managers help you to not need them anymore. ;)

Emerging Lightworkers usually need emotional, energetic, intuitive, and loving, grounded support from someone who has "been there, done that" or who has at least gone through very similar circumstances and had to make similar decisions. You're finding and establishing a new "normal" with your spiritual awakening as well as getting to know and find a new normal with your spiritual gifts as they come online while you grow and develop.  I would be honored to help you develop the stable foundation you need as a Lightworker so that you can fly high on your newly found wings.   


"Becoming" is scary and hard to do alone. That's why I'm here. Think of me as a Lightworker doula or midwife, here to help you dry your new wings and help teach you now to keep those wings clear of heavier energies from a world that's not fully awake yet. :)      


You can also think of me as your spiritual change management specialist.  In another day and age our coaching sessions would have taken place in my little "wise woman" cabin at the edge of the village. But in this day and this age we don't even have to be in the same town, city, country, or even time zone for our coaching and change management sessions. :)  We can work via phone and I'll record those sessions for you so you can download them for reference later. Sometimes the information comes fast and furious during the coaching sessions because my full complement of skills and abilities are being used to help you, and it is not at all unusual for me to receive information from Divine Sources while we're talking. 


Because our work together is so special and so different, and because I want to ensure that you have a solid foundation and feel safe and comfortable as you step fully into your role as a lightworker and healer and messenger in whatever capacity that may be. Together we'll figure out why you're here and what your message is. 

What will I gain working with you? 

I've split the skills and abilities you'll gain while working with me into two areas: basic and advanced. They're elaborated on below. 


Basic Skills & Abilities  
During the year, as long as you do the work and follow the direction and suggestions, you will safely transition and transform into a brightly glowing, high-flying Lightworker.  Safely step into the Lightworker you are meant to be and live an authentic life with a strong connection to the Divine.

   *** Learn how to use your gifts

   *** Establish a solid foundation with those gifts

   *** Understand what the new “normal” is for you

   *** Develop your intuition --- Recognize and trust your own intuition and gifts

   *** Learn how to call on the angels for help and assistance at any time – your Angelic Help Team

   *** Learn how to call on the ascended master, teachers, and beings of light for assistance at any time – your Circle of Light

   *** Learn how to keep your energy field clear while growing your light bright

   *** Learn to understand yourself, your gifts, and your talents from this and other lifetimes

   *** Learn to recognize your inner voice and your own personal Connection to the Divine

   *** Learn to that voice, your intuition, and yourself without second guessing it

   *** Learn to become while staying grounded so as not to become a “flake”
              (No flakes allowed here!  J)

   *** Learn how to keep your electronics functioning just fine when you’re around (hint: grounding is involved again!)

   *** Learn to separate your emotions and energies from others’ emotions and energies (empaths especially have this problem — it’s not all your stuff! You don’t have to carry it all.  )

   *** Learn to recognize and develop your quantum or psychic senses, also known as the “clair” senses.  These quantum senses include:

             * clairvoyance (clear seeing)  

             * clairsentience (clear sensation or feeling)

                        *clairtangency (clear touching; part of clairsentience) aka psychometry

                         * clairempathy (clear emotion; part of clairsentience) aka empath / empathy

             * clairaudience (clear audio or hearing)  

             * claircognizance (clear knowing)  

             * clairscent (clear smelling)

             * clairgustance (clear tasting)

             * channeling abilities (includes mediumship, automatic writing, other creative gifts that come from the “zone” such as music, drawing, and painting, as well as verbal channeled messages).

   *** Clear religious trauma from your past in a safe, sacred space and release the guilt trips; these gifts are not “evil,” “the devil’s work” or any other such nonsense. These gifts are from the Divine.

   *** Learn to use your fear in a safe, sacred space to provide a positive growth experience and to help you let go of beliefs that no longer serve your highest good.

   *** Clear past life trauma in a safe, sacred space so you can be the Healer, Teacher, and Lightworker you are meant to be

   *** Learn to recognize and learn from your animal totems. As your light shines and becomes brighter many animal friends will come to help teach you with their medicine and special gifts.


Advanced Skills & Abilities  (once a solid foundation is established; we’ll pursue those you’re comfortable with)

   *** Learn to safely clear yourself and locations of lower frequency energy, including entities with angelic assistance

   *** Learn to shield yourself and handle “energy vampires” whether they are people you work with or live with or whether they are non-corporeal entities from the spirit realm

   *** Learn to safely help cross over spirits, entities, and others who need your help with angelic assistance

   *** Learn to communicate with animals, wildlife, fairies, elementals, trees, plants, crystals, rocks, and all of nature’s and the creator’s life forms – heart to heart, no matter what the physical form is

   *** Learn to safely channel the Divine, creative source in whatever way is right and just perfect for you, whether that is verbally, through writing, painting, music, or some other creative outlet

   *** Learn to work with the angels and the Divine using all these advanced skills so that you are truly never alone and always have Divine assistance and counsel  

   *** Learn to recognize and safely work with ETs, both 3D and interdimensional  

   *** Learn how to grow your light and beam love to every being so that protection is no longer and so that fear is no longer present in you

   *** Learn to define your experiences in positive ways that highlight the light side, instead of negative ways that highlight lithe shadow side. Everything has both possibilities and how you define them is your choice.

   *** Learn to what the trinity really means and why balance is key

   *** Learn to recognize the oneness of all life everywhere. All is a reflection of you, your mind, and your creator abilities working with the Divine as a co-creator.  All beings are of the creator, the one that is all. 


What if I decide *not* to work with you? What are the consequences of not getting the transformation you promise for working with you? 


Short term the consequences of not working with me are for you remaining alone trying to figure out things alone, continuing to think you're crazy, all alone, "evil," and not in control of yourself and your life. You may even be fearful of your new gifts because you don't understand them or because you think they're "evil" or "bad" or "from the devil" or some other such religious trauma label that internalized as a child. This means you won't trust your gifts or yourself and your intuition.  


Long term consequences of not working with me are that you may experience damage to family relationships, you may experience interference with your work, and you may experience interference with your sleep. Basically, you remain in a state of Fear & Confusion--- afraid of everything and everyone and especially afraid of yourself.  You won't trust yourself. And if you can't trust yourself, that leaves you in a very bad place indeed.  I get that because I've been in the position where I was afraid to trust my intuition and follow it; that very place where I was afraid to trust myself.


What are the expectations of me if I decide to work with you?

   *** Show up for your sessions

   *** Be responsible for yourself and your experiences (i.e., do any "homework" exercises)

   *** Be coachable & teachable

   *** Be willing to stretch your comfort zone while learning new skills and abilities

   *** Be honorable and respectful of others and their journey, which may be different from yours


So what are you waiting for? Apply Now!  


Hugs & Blessings,

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