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Divine Light Emerging Intuitive Support Group

Want and need a little support but don't want to commit to 1:1 coaching? That's why I created the Divine Light Support Group. 
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The Divine Light Support Group is a way for us to work together outside of a 1:1 setting. Many independent types (myself included) tend to appreciate a minimal amount of support so we can do things ourselves in our own way.  The group support sessions occur 2 to 3 times per month, depending on what's going on in the world.  For example, during Sept and Oct 2015 we'll have more sessions (bonus sessions) because there is a lot going on energy-wise while over the holiday months we'll probably have fewer. 


Group Session Format

These sessions last 60 to 90 minutes and generally follow this outline:

  1. I'll talk about something for the first 20-30 min

  2. We'll discuss what you want for the next 20-30 min

  3. We'll do a guided meditation for the final 20-30 min


Sessions are conducted via phone and webcast and are recorded so that members who couldn't make the live session can download the MP3 and listen to it later.  So you'll never miss a session!


Sacred Space Held by the Circle of Light

During our sessions, I ensure that we are always safe and protected no matter how far the distance between us. I hold the scared space for you so that you can make the changes you need. This sacred space is blessed and purified before the sessions start, and I don't only call in all my helpers, healers, angels, ascended masters and higher selves, I also call in all of yours. :) 


"Ch-Ch-Ch Changes  . . . Turn and Face the Strange"  ~ David Bowie

The world is going through a lot of changes right now --- physical changes, emotional changes, spiritual changes, and I suspect political changes won't be too far behind.  And YOU are going through a lot of changes as well. Becoming for emerging old souls, lightworkers, and empaths is HARD, especially alone. I know because I did it alone. Please, let me help you with those changes.  


The changes that especially are difficult are when your "clair" or quantum senses open up and start functioning and getting stronger and stronger. Accepting these gifts from the All that Is, is even more difficult if you also have religious trauma in your background to deal with.  Religious trauma that tells you those gifts are "bad," "evil," "from the devil," or "unclean." They are none of these but it is much easier to say that, than to believe that especially if the religious trauma has been ingrained from a young age.


What will we cover in the Divine Light Support Group? A LOT!

We'll cover many of the basic skills and abilities I help my private clients with; we'll just do it in a group setting. We'll cover what you need to fully and safely transistion into your Lightworker wings so that you can live an authentic life with a strong connection to the Divine, which is the source of your gifts.

  • Learn how to use your gifts

  • Establish a solid foundation with those gifts

  • Understand what the new “normal” is for you

  • Develop your intuition --- Recognize and trust your own intuition and gifts

  • Learn how to call on the angels for help and assistance at any time – your Angelic Help Team

  • Learn how to call on the ascended master, teachers, and beings of light for assistance at any time – your Circle of Light

  • Learn how to keep your energy field clear while growing your light bright

  • Learn to understand yourself, your gifts, and your talents from this and other lifetimes

  • Learn to recognize your inner voice and your own personal Connection to the Divine

  • Learn to listen to that voice, your intuition, and yourself without second guessing it

  • Learn to "become" while staying grounded so as not to become a “flake” (No flakes allowed here!  ;) )

  • Learn how to keep your electronics functioning just fine when you’re around (hint: grounding is involved again!)

  • Learn to separate your emotions and energies from others’ emotions and energies (empaths especially have this problem — it’s not all your stuff! You don’t have to carry it all.  )

  • Learn to recognize and develop your quantum or psychic senses, also known as the “clair” senses.

        These quantum senses include:

             * clairvoyance (clear seeing)  

             * clairsentience (clear sensation or feeling)

                        *clairtangency (clear touching; part of clairsentience) aka psychometry

                         * clairempathy (clear emotion; part of clairsentience) aka empath / empathy

             * clairaudience (clear audio or hearing)  

             * claircognizance (clear knowing)  

             * clairscent (clear smelling)

             * clairgustance (clear tasting)

             * channeling abilities (includes mediumship, automatic writing, other creative gifts that come from the “zone” such as music, drawing, and painting, as well as verbal channeled messages.

  •  Clear religious trauma from your past in a safe, sacred space and release the guilt trips; these gifts are not “evil,” “the devil’s work” or any other such nonsense. These gifts are from the Divine.

  •  Learn to use your fear in a safe, sacred space to provide a positive growth experience and to help you let go of beliefs that no longer serve your highest good.


What else do I get with the support group? 

  • Twice monthly LIVE Divine Light meditations (see the Divine Light Meditation page)

  • Downloadable MP3 recordings of every group session

  • Access to the Divine Light Support Group online community

  • Discount off selected courses as they are available (MP3 audios)

  • Priority consideration for the Divine Light Spiritual Coaching program


That's a total of 4 to 5 sessions a month to help support you in your spiritual growth AND you can download them to listen to again and again. :)  


Sounds great, doesn't it?  You can have all of this for just $55 a month and your price won't go up as long as your a member.  OR you can pay in full for a full year and pay only $555 instead of the full price of $660. That's a savings of  $105! Just select your option on the shop page to get started now.




So what are you waiting for? Let's work together!

It's a small investment to make in yourself and your own "becoming."  That's less than $2 a day.

Far less than a cup of coffee or tea at Starbucks! ;)

As a bonus I'll toss in a 30 minute coaching session at no additional cost.  


Hugs & Blessings,

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