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Thanks for applying for a consult!

Thank you for applying video  

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Private training. The 3 Biggest Myths most people believe about weight loss. 

Note: When I talk about pesticides & GMOs not being tested I meant in the sense that all of those present in the environment & our bodies at the same time have not been tested as present all at once. The interactions & synergistic effects. 

What is hypnosis / hypnotherapy, NLP & EFT? What can I expect?
(See the FAQ page for the basics on EFT as mentioned in this video.)

Why don't you have before / after pics of your clients?  

I do not and will not require my clients to do before and after shots. It doesn't feel right to me because it places the emphasis on looks and vanity instead of on health & how you feel inside and about yourself. If, as my client, you would like to track your progress using photos then you are more than welcome to do that on a personal blog, Facebook page, or whatever. That is your decision. :)  

Why don't you have testimonials?  

As stated in my webinars, I take guarding my clients' confidentiality seriously so you will not get actual names or time frames from me about my clients. 

Hugs & Blessings,

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