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innerThin: Release the Divine, Slender You  

Dr. Mel's effortless, wholistic weight loss program

Address the root of the problem, not just the leaves.

innerThin helps address the core subconscious issues that keep your body holding onto weight. At some point this adaptive, creative part of you saw it as a way to cope and a way to survive. Once we address even just some of those core issues and help the subconscious let them go, weight management becomes nearly effortless and a side effect of healthy eating.  

innerThin addresses core issues involved with long term weight management: 

  • Self sabotage

  • Decreased metabolism

  • Hormonal imbalances (especially menopause)

  • Stress & cortisone overload (another hormonal imbalance)

  • Emotional eating

  • Low energy, which is often due to adrenal fatigue due to stress (another hormonal imbalance)

  • Cravings

  • Negative self image 

  • Savoring (or not) healthy food choices

innerThin creates these advantages: 

  • Achieve balance in your life

  • Boost your immune system

  • Kick that caffeine habit (caffeine stresses the adrenals)

  • Increase your self confidence, self esteem, and self satisfaction

  • Enhance your self understanding 

  • Establish self love & self appreciation
  • Enhance your longevity


innerThin addresses core issues in the subconscious that often feed chronic weight issues. Often behaviors that were once adaptive & protective are now no longer needed:

  • Healthy boundaries, often a lack of or non-existent boundaries

  • Past traumas, which the subconscious has not yet released 

  • Love issues, feeling loved through mom's cooking and baking 

  • Grounding issues, sometimes eating is a way to ground the spirit into the body. This is also often related to healthy boundaries or a lack of them at some point. 

innerThin helps you adjust to your changing body needs because of your higher vibrational states ("Level UPs") related to the Ascension Energies:

  • We'll open up a dialogue with your body & the Divine Consciousness inside each and every cell.

  • We'll strengthen and grow that connection to your Divine Innate Consciousness and Divine Self. 

  • We'll make listening to this Divine Innate Consciousness second nature

  • We'll make adjusting to Level UPs as easy as possible

  • We'll boost your immune system

  • We'll help move you to a higher and higher vibrational diet naturally and easily --- you'll be giving your body what it's been asking for & what it needs to achieve, maintain & hold those higher energies


innerThin helps you with those "baby steps" that turn into snowballs for your healthy choices and your higher vibration:

  • Choosing organic over non-organic (this also eliminates GMOs and pesticides from your diet)

  • Increase vegetable intake and the longevity that accompanies it

  • Decrease or eliminate meat consumption, including red meat, chicken, turkey, fish

  • Decrease or eliminate animal products (if wanted)

  • Increase portion control and the longevity that accompanies it

  • Increase activity

  • Sleep Better

  • Feel Better

  • Feel Happier

  • Eliminate that negative self talk

  • Increase intake of natural probiotics and the healthy flora your digestive tract needs (this helps with food sensitivities, elimination issues, and boosts your immune system)

  • Information on OTC supplements to help you feel better, especially amino acids 

innerThin helps with spiritual / vibrational issues:  

  • Food sensitivities

  • Food allergies

  • Natural ways to decalcify the pineal gland aka 3rd eye

  • Coping strategies for "level up" ascension energy events

  • Learning to listen to your body and give it what it's asking for when it asks for it, i.e., listening to your Divine Innate consciousness

  • Deepening your connection to your body and the Divine Innate consciousness inside each and every cell

Options to fit your life:  

Weekly group sessions run about 2 hours. Just choose the length of time you'd like to join us. Additional packages can be added as needed for custom timelines such as 9 & 12 months. 

  • 3 months (12 weeks)

  • 4 months (16 weeks)

  • 5 months (20 weeks)

  • 6 months (24 weeks) 


We also recommend an additional 3 months minimum once you reach maintenance for reinforcement.

Want more conscious / cognitive coaching for maintenance? Check out our Light Weight coaching options. 

What are the expectations of me if I decide to work with you? 

  • Show up for sessions

  • Be responsible for yourself and your experiences

  • Be honorable and respectful of others and their journey, which may be different from yours

  • Treat session discussions as confidential

  • Honor your commitments 

What about a guarantee? How about the first 21 Days?

  • Guarantee #1: I can guarantee that if you come to the sessions weekly and are open to the suggestions - don't fight them or force them out - you will start seeing a change in your habits and in the way your clothes fit in the first 21 days.

  • Guarantee #2: I can guarantee you will feel better within those first 21 days.

  • Guarantee #3: I can guarantee you'll be eating healthier within those first 21 days..

  • Guarantee #4: I can guarantee you'll be more in-tune with your own body than you have been in years, possibly ever within those first 21 days.

  • Guarantee #5: If after your first session you decide it's not your cup of tea, just let me know and we'll find what is comfortable and just right for you. ​

Ready to join us? 

Apply Now. 

Hugs & Blessings,


  • Eliminates subconscious self-sabotage of weight loss efforts; why your subconscious won't let your body lose weight

  • Clears the root cause of the self-sabotage

  • Connects you to your Divine / Higher self inside each & every cell of your body

  • Anchors your connection to that Divine / Higher Self and clears the communication pathways.


Your Divine / Higher self knows the best diet for you, your body & your vibration level & frequency. It also knows how to increase your vibration & frequency in the best and most efficient way for you. 

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