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Divine Light Writing Coach:

                                   It's time to share your Divine Story


We all have at least one Divine Story to tell that is uniquely ours . . .


I believe everyone has a story. A message. A Divine Message they want to share with the world for whatever reason. Maybe it’s to share the lessons. Maybe it’s to share the love. Maybe’s it so other’s won’t forget. Maybe it’s because if you don’t get it out, your own mind and heart and head will burst.


Whatever the reason, I can help you make that dream of writing a book containing your Divine Story, your Divine Message, a reality. I'm your Divine Light Writing Coach and I'm here to coach you, support you, and help you find new skills (or dust off some old ones) all so you can get your Divine Story, your Divine Message out into the world.


Over 98% of the population wants to write a book. Only 2% will actually do it.  Let me help you be a part of that 2%.  Divine Light Writing coaching is included as part of the 1:1 Divine Light Spiritual Growth coaching


I've been a professional writer and published author for over 25 years and have coached many others who did not have a writing background, so I know I can coach you too! :)  


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