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Who were you? 


What is a Past Life Reading?  

How can it help me?

How is a Past Life Reading different from a

Past Life Regression?

Past Life Reading is a reading I do where tap into your subtle energy body and my own Divine Self to pick up impressions on past lives you have had that may be important to you in this time and space. 

Past Life Reading  is especially helpful for Old Souls  to get a sense of their own true or Divine Self. Think of the many incarnations on this little blue planet (or other planets) as the fingers of one hand - each finger a different life; each finger just one aspect of the magnificent whole.  

Past Life Reading  is very different from a Past Life Regression  (regression therapy). In the Past Life Reading,  I do it all and tell you what my impressions are.  In the Past Life Regression,  you do it all while allowing me to guide you to significant events in the various lives. In the Past Life Regression , you re-experience and re-live portions of select past lives; the ones your own Divine Self thinks will be most helpful to you in your current life. You experience it first hand — You SEE it. You FEEL it. You SMELL it. You TASTE it. You HEAR it. And you KNOW it as your own experience without someone else giving your their interpretation of it.  Whereas in a Past Life Reading , I give you my impressions and my interpretation of select past lives. 

We're at at point in preparing for the ascension process where it is beneficial for us to understand how our little finger life relates to the rest of the hand / Divine Self with all fingers and palm.  

Why should I work with you? What qualifies you?  
I've been following my intuition and tapping into my own Divine Self for guidance for many years. As my own gifts have grown as I've grown spiritually.  I'm also a Certified Past Life Reader. 

Past Life Reading  sessions are available in three (3) sizes in two (3) different media:

  • via Phone

  • via eMail 

  • via Facebook Messenger

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Past Life Reading
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