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What is Lightworker Regression Therapy and how can it help me?


Lightworker Regression Therapy  is past life regression therapy specifically designed for Lightworkers. Lightworkers are a special breed, and as such need a past life regression therapy specifically tooled to their unique needs and capabilities. We request and receive angelic assistance during Lightworker Regression Therapy  because it is very intense work for those of us who need it most.


I see clients who want to explore past / other lives (regression therapy) and what dawned on me during some recent sessions is that during those sessions we not only explore those lives but we do it in a very unique, safe, healing way with our higher selves called in / plugged in, with the angels and the circle of light, and with whatever ascended masters and teachers we intuit to invite in well. Most traditional hypnotists / hypnotherapists do not work this way, but you will find many spiritual healers, energy medicine practitioners, preachers, energy therapists, and transpersonal therapists work this way.

The Archangels nearly always present in these sessions include Raphael, Haniel, Ariel, Michael, and Gabriel. Ascended Masters that usually sit in include Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Jesus / Jeshua, St. Francis, St. Germaine, and others depending on your own personal spiritual beliefs and the area of your particular need for that session. The given mix of Ascended Masters, angels, and archangels is different from session to session and person to person because each of you is different and quite unique.


Major Healing 
What you can expect during these sessions is that they become a major healing .  Areas and issues that may have come up for them during other modalities and other therapies during their personal growth that may not have been fully understood or fully experienced become both fully understood and fully experienced during our work together, and this experience happens in a very safe and sacred manner and place so that if you don’t want to completely “feel” that experience we’re examining, if you don’t have to. I ensure that you’re safe and comfortable at all times and we would never ever force you to face something you’re not ready to experience.


Actual Experience versus Getting a Reading from Someone Else
Why have the actual experience when I can have someone do a past life reading on me? Many American Indian’s have a saying:  You cannot truly know a thing until you have experienced it for yourself. That points out a big difference between “book learning” and first-hand experience. Some would call that the difference between theory and practice and often those differences are major. Lightworker Regression Therapy allows you to experience your past lives for yourself — not from someone else reading you and telling you what you were or what you did or didn’t do. You experience it first hand — You SEE it. You FEEL it. You SMELL it. You TASTE it. You HEAR it. And you KNOW it as your own experience without someone else giving your their interpretation of it. Actually experiencing a past life is worlds apart and far different from someone else telling you about it. It’s not just a story when you experience it — it’s YOUR STORY and you may very well experience things that are hard to verbalize or even share with others outside of your guide during the journey.


Why should I work with you? What qualifies you?  
Wondering who I am to be able to help guide you through this? You know parts of it if you’ve read the first book and other parts of it from the blog over at Luna Wellness. Many would call me a “real” person, because I tend to be very grounded and came from “real” people — farm girl, remember, from generations of farmers, coal miners, and nurses. ;>). The therapies I use to guide you are therapies I used in my own healing at various points in my life. I have been on both sides of the couch, like most healers and therapists, and like you I was looking for answers. I was a seeker looking for what I was supposed to be doing this time around. And that seeking and knowing that we have something major to do, is part of what defines us as Lightworkers.


Lightworker Regression Therapy  sessions are included as part of the Divine Light  Ascension coaching or separately with a three (3) session minimum. 

Lightworker Regression
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