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Space Clearing & House Blessings 

By the time someone is referred to us for a Space Clearing, they've been on edge, nervous, not sleeping well, and worried sick over what's going on in their life and their home, fighting what their senses are telling them, including their "clair" senses. That's why when we do a Space Clearing (which we do on weekends because we need to prepare for it pretty intensely) we include three (3) complimentary Distance Healings with the Space Clearing that we space out over the days leading up to the Space Clearing and House Blessing done on the weekend. I've been specially trained in and practice several modalities of Spirit Releasement therapy (to remove attached spirits) and techniques for space clearings. Some may know these clearings as "cleansings." 

Space Clearings 

Space Clearings are usually done in conjunction with Distance Healings because of the intense preparation required for the Clearing, and to help calm and protect the recipient until the clearing is done.  I conduct Space Clearings while in a deep meditative state so that I can connect with your space and its energies and what's going on there. The clearings are done in conjunction with the Angels, especially Archangels Michael and Raphael and other angels, archangels, and ascended masters as I am directed to ask for their assistance. 


Simply explained, what we do is check for the presence of entities (see below). These entites can be of various types and from various realms, including spirits, ghosts, and interdimensional ETs.  

Regardless of where the entity originated from, what all of them need to know is quite simple: 

  • They need to know they're healed

  • They need to know they're forgiven

  • They need to know they're loved and surrounded in love and light or light and love

  • They need to know they're going home --- the home we all came from 


Once they're convinced of those few things, they'll go home, into the light, which is their Divine self (or higher self). The Divine meets each of us wherever we are on our path at whatever stage. And those who need a bit more help going home are lovingly guided and escorted by the Angels.  


What kind of entities are we clearing? They can range from ghosts and those who have passed over to those who have never incarnated on Earth to interdimensional ETs. 


If you need this sort of assistance, please e-mail me the details of your situation. After I complete the clearing, you'll get an e-mail report from me on what was found and cleared and I'll also follow up with you for a few months just to make sure everything stays clear.


The nominal fee for this service is $144. Just click the link below to order. Please remember to e-mail me the details.


                                                        Space Clearing & House Blessing 

Would you rather try and DIY first?  My book, Working with your Angels: Clearing and Blessing your Home contains instructions for basic space clearing. It's available in both Kindle and paper back version. And if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can even get it for free from the Kindle lending library. :) 


I also have a limited number of signed copies available in the Shop tab. :)

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