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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

About Dr. Mel's coaching and hypnotherapy programs

Things to know before your first session. Runs about 30 minutes.

EFT basics from one of the founding fathers.  Shows you how to tap & where to tap & gives the basic form. Runs about 8 minutes.

Why do you offer both Hypnotherpy & HypnoCoaching? 

Some people feel more comfortable with one method over another so I offer programs that incorporate both but that emphasize one over the other. The combination of hypnotherapy and coaching (in whatever proportions) makes for some very powerful tools to help YOU become the YOU, YOU WANT TO BE!

What is HypnoCoaching? 
HypnoCoaching or more formally hypnotic coaching is a marriage of coaching and classical hypnosis / hypnotherapy.  It helps the client get much farther along in their goals when stumbling blocks are hit. 


What's the difference between coaching and hypnotherapy?
Coaching is a partnering with clients to help them achieve their goals and maximize their potential. Hypnotherapy is a powerful way for us to talk to the subconscious, help it release behaviors that were once adaptive that are no longer helpful and are causing us pain. It's a way for us to re-program our subconscious and stop self-sabotage and behavior that is no longer helpful. 

Hugs & Blessings,

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