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ET s:  One person's ET  is another person's Angel  . . . 


Oh this is a subject with a lot of information and a lot of ancillary sorts of activity associated with it even before it may be recognized as ET activity. ET activity and experimentation isn't only about reproductive genetics. There are a LOT of ET races zooming around here. Some are physically here and some are interdimensional. Some are doing energetic experiments on the sensitives in each generation of a family. Ideally, you don't remember any of it because it's been wiped. BUT as any engineer will tell you, there's a difference between theory and practice, between book learning and experience and that means that some of us remember things that were not meant to be remembered.


I'm a fourth generation sensitive and it's not unusual for gifts to run in families. Mine comes from my mom's side of the family. She was sensitive, I expect my grandmother was sensitive, and mom verified that my great-grandmother was sensitive.  When I started having nightmares and night terrors as an adult, that was when mom told me about my great-grandma Cole. The sensitive in each generation of our family started suffering from the same night terrors in adulthood and there were many nights I'd heard my mom and grandma a different times during their own night terrors. 


Flash foward several years after mom tells me about that. I'm having a lot of work done, basically energetic "sand blasting" sessions to clear some major blocks that have built up from many years and lifetimes of trauma. A number of odd things happened during those two sand blasting sessions I had done about a year apart, but one of the big things in the first one was that they found energetic impants (more than one kind) in my system.  (That makes me wonder which of the 22 genetic experiments that ET species are running that Corey Goode has talked about that my family's been included in.)


In fact some of my symptoms (gobbling vitamin B12 like a maniac, having major anxiety at night when alone in the house, and then even seeing a "visitor" early one morning right before getting out of bed (I was still in a very deep theta) kind of kicked off the first sand blasting session. I only mentioned the massive B12 I found myself taking like every day to my energy mentor while she was doing a session on me (she's also a nurse) and she started asking some pointed questions about stress at work (no, no more than usual), home (no, all good there), then I shared my freaky anxiety when alone at night in the house. It was there, it was real but there was no conscious reason I could find for it.  And then things just kind of escalated from there.


I'm *glad* I had that conversation with her even if I felt silly admitting to what I thought was unfounded anxiety. The sand blasting helped immensely especially since those implants were removed (there was one on the back for anger and another on my crown, and a couple of more if I remember correctly).  And they didn't even bat an eyeball at the whole ET thing because there were a number of them that like to hang out in the healing center (out of phase of course) and see what the healers were doing. Apparently some species of them are also quite drawn to electronics and phone equipment and lines.


So why do I share this?  Like attracts like is part of the reason. Although I'm an old and even ancient soul (been incarnating on Mother Earth since Lemuria), I'm also a star seed, but then aren't we all.  Another reason I'm sharing this is because the ETs messing with you doesn't always have to be something like the classic abduction and physical experimentation. A third reason is so that you know that I *get* this also and it doesn't freighten me and it actually kind of pisses me off. 


So why do I say that one person's ET is another person's Angel?  Because not all of them are involved with experimenting on the humans. The higher evolved ones are indeed those we recognize as the angels. They're the ones who are helping us to evolve spiritually and I'm quite convinced they are the ones who have been recently become known as the Sphere Beings --- the ones we often see as orbs of light. :)  

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