Changing the world means starting with yourself -
raising your own vibration & frequency & light.
We offer tools and techniques to help.

Wellness includes finding peace, prosperity, and abundance on all levels, as well as finding the meaning, and center in your own life so that you can work, live, and make decisions from that Divine Spark, the Divine Innate Intelligence inside of YOU, inside each and every one of your cells. We explore and strengthen that connection to the Divine Innate inside each & everyone of our cells in our all of our programs: innerThin hypnotherapy, Light Weight coaching, and Divine Light coaching. These group programs are wholistic, transformational and address not only the physical, mental, and emotional issues around weight but also the spiritual ones. The Divine Light coaching focuses totally on that Divine Innate connection and how to grow it and work with the gifts that open up as a result of making that connection firmer and deeper. 


Living from the Divine Innate inside of you means listening to your heart and your intuition and your soul; leading with your heart (not the brain) but guiding the brain to support the hearts decisions. In this very logical, left-brained world that is much easier said than done. 


We create and are responsible for our own happiness and our own reality. We co-create with the Divne. Once we find our path and let our mission and reason for being here blossom, our true reason for being here, life gets easier and we get happier as we fulfill our potential and serve others. Follow your highest excitement, your bliss, your Divine reason for being!


Let me help you find your happy, one step at a time, doing what you came to this beautiful, little blue planet to do in the first place.


Hugs & Blessings,
~ Melodie  :) 

© 2020 Melodie Hawkins

Luna Wellness Center, LLC
PO Box 831
Rye, CO 81069

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