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Scott Broussard

and Teddy

Teddy's a Pomapoo (Pomerianian & Poodle mix) and never far from Scott. 

Another favorite thing: Fresh tomatoes!

Scott's story  (or parts of it anyway) 


Scott's a warrior, both physcially & metaphyscially. He's a Navy Veteran who worked on radar systems, and a telecommunications engineer who worked as site installation engineer / manager on the worlds first fiber-to-the-curb [fiber optic] installation in Toms River, New Jersey.  

"Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated..."
                                   ~ Mark Twaiin 

One could say the same thing about Scott. He's been pronounced dead and woke up in a hospitol closet, naked on a steel gurney with a wall of Borax on shelves in front of him. Borax is what has been used as a cleaning agent for a long time. He has a very vivid memory of a room full of cleaning supplies, the closet of the morgue, not even proper cubbie. He clearly remembers the other side and will gladly talk to you about if asked. He was given the choice of whether to return or stay on the other side. Why did he come back? See that picture of Teddy the little fuzzy fur baby to the left? That's why. 

In his own words . . .  

"I fell off a ladder in 2006 and injured my knee, was on Hydrocodone HELL until 2009, then the VA put me on morphine HELL. They basically murdered me 3 times with methadone overdoses... In retrospect, I think the suffering during that time was part of the awakening.

"The last time I died, I was dead for over 2 hours, when I came back I was like afuckingwake.....I always like knew there was something, kept my karma even, learned my lessons, But that did a light switch, then the Grays......fucking with me......then I got mad and researched, I would say I knew there were Angels after that experience, before I believed, hell I saw them. Always believed in ET's....watched Ancient Aliens from like 2006......woke and had Veronica and my Aunt help keep me from freaking out.....then realized I was given the keys to a space ship that I could not hurt anything with as long as I drove it with Love.....people told me it hurt to bump into things, well I had to bang into everything until I figured they might be right..." 

"Once my knee was fixed in Nov 2014, I got off morphine Jan 2015, then it was detox and cleanse the pineal gland. That's when my clairs went batshit. I gave up all sugar and you know now flouride and GMOs and the quest to be clean. I struggled with this part. Hell it just happened and I have no history. I know several, who had a major awakening, like Teri. She was in a store and a blinding light took her and she woke and knew. She just woke up like BAM." 

Checking messages . . . 

And when not giving readings, tending Teddy or tomatoes, this is what he's doing.  :)


  • Ascension Coaching for those who need to cram & catch up! What is ascension, what does it mean to me, what can I expect, and how can I boost the energies. Especially helpful for those without local support. 

  • Intuitive Readings of alls sorts. Visiting the other side has opened up doors that were barely cracked before. 

  • Medium Readings to help you connect with those who've gone before. Sometimes we don't get the chance to say all we need to before they're gone.  

  • Woke Up! 2012 With a jolt you might say. And has been active in 4/5D since as a Lightwarrior. 

  • He's been working on creating some massive Orgone Energy Generators around his house. :)     

 Contact Info:  

  • Toll Free:  800.564.5551  

  • PayPal Payments:
    Please make sure you pay before your scheduled reading time.

  • Typical sessions run about 30 minutes.     

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